Auberge du Coq, Perouges, France

Near Lyon for the weekend for a cousin’s wedding, I arrived to Perouges, a beautiful medieval town the Friday night before anyone else, and decided to try out one of the few restaurants in town (from what I counted, there are 4). This one looked cosy and had a comprehensive menu with lots of choices…

I decided to go for broke, as everything on the menu was heavy… so I went for the poularde (chicken) in a cream sauce with morel mushrooms. YUM.

It was very rich and creamy, and the chicken wasn’t overcooked… my only complaint that while the sauce was rich with mushroom flavour, I only had a few little pieces of morel… and not even an entire mushroom! But the sauce tasted good enough that I didn’t mind too much!


Of course, served with a potato gratin… I ate about a quarter of this delicious pool of cream…


And then I was stuffed. So I slowly walked through the old town and back to my bed and breakfast…


And took in a last view of the surrounding area, before heading to bed!



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