Whitstable Oyster Fishery Co, Whistable, Kent

A daytrip out to the seaside, as it was going to be 30 degrees and sunny in London… so we went out to Whitstable for some seafood and a walk on the beach!

We had booked at a place that Alice recommended, the Whitstable Oyster Fishery Co, and were thrilled to learn that they had an outdoor table for us when we got there! And then the ordering commenced…

Scallops, sauteed, over greens… these were very plump and perfectly cooked.


Oysters… also very good, briny and fresh, nice with a side of mignonette sauce and chili/horseradish sauce.


Then the mains… Andre got the grilled half lobster, topped wiht garlic and parsley… I had a small taste and it was good, but I have to say, I prefer my lobster boiled!


I got the whole crab, and spent the next hour picking brown and white meat out of the shell and limbs… it was absolutely great. At the end, I scooped up the remaining bits of brown meat with a piece of fresh bread…


And to be especially healthy, we got some sides… A cucumber and radish salad, served with dill and chilis… a nice combination!

IMG_5622A fresh tomato salad, which was good (nice touch with the onions!) but not as fresh as I had imagined… I was imagining those good, fresh summer tomatoes!


Afterwards, we took a walk on the beach and checked out all the small, coloured beach huts along the water… took a nap on the beach, then headed into town to check out the very-charming high street. At this point, it was cocktail hour, so we found a spot to have an Aperol spritz in the sun, along with half the town, who was out and about enjoying the Sunday evening…

Then… looking at our watches, decided we may as well catch the sunset here and grab a light dinner before heading back to London… so ended up right back at the Oyster Fishery Co for a second meal!

IMG_5627 IMG_5636


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