JaBistro, Toronto, Canada

Back to Toronto for a few days of work in June, and like always, I wanted to take advantage of the sushi in North America… cheap and much more fresh than you can find in London!

JaBistro had good reviews and looked like it had fun, unique sushi, so I headed on over for dinner one night!

I started off with their nigiri taster, seven pieces (ok there are only six below, I couldn’t wait!) of very fresh nigiri.. there was from left to right: kampachi (already eaten), tai (sea bream), hamachi (yellowtail), sea trout (check out that colour!), tuna, medium tuna belly (amazing, so buttery and soft), and snow crab (a bit watery). Apart from the crab, it was all delicious and fresh… I was pretty happy…


And then the second round came, a taster of their different special (typically seared or cooked) nigiri and roll. On the left was the tiger shrimp with pesto… this sounds odd but was amazingly good, as the shrimp was just barely cooked… and the pesto was especially creamy. Yum.

Next to this, the JaBistro roll, which had salmon, snow crab, uni, cucumber, and tobiko. There was no way that you could have picked out all of these different tastes in the roll, but all together, it was a delicious mix. Mm.


Then, on the left, the salmon with jalapeno, more simple than the above two but alos a cleaner taste of salmon with a little kick. On the right, the saba (mackerel) with spring onion and grated daikon… also quite a simple, clean flavour, and also delicious.


So, will I come back here the next time I’m in Toronto? Definitely. There are many more bites to try on the menu (though I would happily order the exact same things next time) – along with this, my waitress was great (helpful with suggestions and how much to order, attentive but not suffocating, and able to toss in a glass of flavoured sake at the end of my meal!) which also helped the experience. A great find!


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