San Ambroes, Soho, New York

A Sunday brunch with Jamie in New York… we headed to San Ambroes, the Soho branch (if you remember, I went to the South Hampton version back in September) to catch up.

We shared the vitello tonato (delicious, with the tuna mayonnaise swirl on top that was very thick and flavourful… alongside the delicately sliced pieces of veal)


A burrata with beetroot and radish slice salad, served with a thin pesto (also very good… the burrata was very creamy on the inside… delicious with the pesto and crunchy radish)IMG_5348

And the salad greens served with avocado and large chunks of tuna… again, yum. Nothing especially different or exceptional about this salad, but there is something I love about eating salad greens other than the typical spinach or mixed greens… and these were quite nice.

The chunks of tuna were quite large and flavourful, reminding me of some of the best-quality tuna I’ve had… a nice mix of flavours overall.


A good catch up and light meal… the atmosphere of the restaurant wasn’t great, but the food was spot on, as was the service… worth coming back for!


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