Cafe Mogador, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Friday afternoon, my dad and I met Heather (Edouard was at work) for lunch at Cafe Mogador. Cafe Mogador has two outposts, the one in Williamsburg and the original in the East Village. There used to be a branch in the West Village, but that has since closed down.

The original Cafe Mogador was a go-to during my early years in Manhattan – I probably made it there once every two weekends, along with Yaffa Cafe and Flea Market, both in the same neighhourhood. They had great brunches, with spiced eggs and merguez.

This time was my first at the Williamsburg branch. I instantly preferred it, with its large, light atrium in the back.

I got the veggie dish, with a side of merguez… hummus, taboule, fattoush salad (my favourite… how do they manage to make the salad soggy but still fresh?), and roasted aubergine with tahini sauce on top. All fresh and very good.


The merguez was a bit disappointing, it was either overcooked or just not very flavourful… but did the job.


Overall, a very comprehensive menu, I would definitely come back and try one of the other many things on the menu!


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