Alfredo, New York

A work lunch before taking a few days off to spend time with afmily in New York… I met Craig at Alfredo, which for years had been Bice, but just changed. Looking at the menu, I realized that the place sounded familiar… and that was because Alice and I had been there in November at the original restaurant in Rome! How funny.


At the time, we had watched the waiters making the spaghetti alfredo in front of each diner, their specialty, and it looked so buttery, creamy, and delicious. So when I saw it on the menu… of course I had to have it!

And so I did. How was it? Well, first of all, they don’t make it in front of you in New York, they just bring it out to you… but it still looked just as creamy and delicious.

So I started on it… and it was so thick and cheesy. The first few bites were great, but it had quite a flat taste (cheese, cream, not much seasoning) that it got old and heavy pretty quickly…

Craig helped me out, and between the two of us, we pretty much finished the dish!


And some greens on the side…


So what did I think? It was good… I think it had been years since I’d had a fettucine alfredo, and forgotten what it tasted like. I think it was a good one, but given the sauces I’ve had on pastas lately, it just wasn’t as complex as most (I guess that’s the point!) and left a HUGE heavy lunch that made me feel a bit nauseous for the rest of the afternoon. Definitely a dish to share!


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