Lutong Pinoy, Earls Court

A Saturday night where we were both craving Asian food but didn’t know exactly what… maybe Thai or Vietnamese? So we traipsed up to Earls Court in search of a restaurant… and landed upon Filipino way!

There are two Filipino restaurants and a Filipino food store on a small street off of Earls Court… so we chose the restaurant that was full and didn’t advertise that it also made Thai food…

And we ordered a feast. Sweet and sour tilapia with carrots and peppers, pancit bihon noodles with chicken (my favourite thing ever), crispy calamari appetizer (which came with the rest of the food… it was doubtful whether there was any actual calamari inside, or whether it was all friture), kare kare pork, served in a peanut and coconut milk sauce, and the adobo pork belly, all served with an egg fried rice.


So which were the best? The pancit bihon noodles, which I used to eat a lot in my childhood, and I had been dreaming about… and the adobo pork. I had had adobo chicken many times as a child, but the vinegar description still turned me off on the menu… and I’m so glad we got it! Soaked up with some of the rice, this was such a good dish…


The rest? I could have taken or left, the kare kare pork was fine but just didn’t have much depth to it (it was pretty bland) and the sweet and sour fish was fine but nothing notable.

So would I come again? You bet. And try other dishes? I’d re-order the adobo pork (or maybe chicken) and the noodles, then try some new dishes the next time.


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