The Petersham Nurseries, Richmond

A few weeks ago, my friend Sapna came to London to visit. I ended up taking a day off mid-week, and we headed to Richmond for a stroll along the high street, a walk in the park, and some delicious food at the Petersham Nuseries.

But, I hadn’t booked. Silly me. I had assumed that since it was a Wednesday, it wouldn’t be filled, but we still had to wait until 2:30pm to get a table!

In the meantime, we went next door to the tea room and had a bowl of warming soup… courgette.

IMG_7045 IMG_7049

Then, around 2:30, we were finally able to sit down in the main restaurant… and boy, were we glad we had waited, instead of just filling up at the tea room.

Since we had had the soup, we each had two starters instead of proper courses… and that proved more than enough! We each both the papardelle with peas and veal ragout… really flavourful, with the fresh peas and meat… and a nice dose of Parmesan on top. The papardelle itself was nice, though a bit thick for my liking…


Next, I had the sea bream tartare, which was served quite simply with sesame seeds, green chili, radishes, lime, and olive oil… and topped with these pretty pansies!


Sapna opted for a vegetarian dish, the green leaves, served with broad beans, pea shoots, ricotta, olives, and garlicky croutons, all in a green sauce (I think it might have been a broad bean sauce). It was delicious. Absolutely delicious. I mopped everything she didn’t eat with a piece of bread…


Then, we decided that we did still have room for dessert, so share two. We got the nespole and pistachio tarte, which had tons of almond taste to it and which I loved…

IMG_7056And the original bean chocolate with tierra coffee and coffee ice cream… this was an amazing, thick version of a chocolate mousse (which tasted great with a bit of the creme fraiche from the tarte!)… Sapna loved this, but I really preferred the tarte… so we were both happy.


Such a lovely afternoon… in such a lovely location – this has to be one of my favourite places near London to go for a long day of lunch! Just make sure to book well in advance, as it’s always difficult to get a table…



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