Setagaya, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Sunday afternoon, Edouard mom and I went for brunch the three of us… and shock of all shocks, we went for… ramen. There is a new place that Edouard had been wanting to try, so we walked down there to grab a table.


The menu is quite simple, with a few starters and a selection of different ramens… we started off with some gyoza (lightly fried… I prefer the pan-fried ones, but the inside of these was quite good).


We also got the kareage chicken, tempura fried instead of regularly fried… served wtih a soy sauce and a green tea salt of some kind… the salt was very good! The chicken itself was also really nice, plump and juicy… but I found the tempura covering a bit weird. Edouard loved it.


Then, the ramen itself showed up… Yum… Look at that broth…


I got the original tontotsku ramen, served with a few slices of pork, scallions, and sauteed mushrooms. The sauteed mushrooms were a bit odd… but the rest was great. The sauce itself was thick and really tasty, with a very rich flavour. And the noodles… slightly skinny, the noodles were springy and buttery… and delicious. Very good ramen!



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