Freeman’s, New York

Back in New York in mid-May for my sister in law’s baby shower! The Friday, mom and I ran around running errands for the shower (including tasting ice cream flavours for the ice cream cake from Morgenstern’s!)

As we hadn’t been together for Mother’s Day in the US, we decided to have a Mother’s Day brunch at Freeman’s that day. Freemnan’s is quite a cool restaurant tucked into an alleyway on the Lower East Side… you can easily walk by and miss it. We walked in and it was pretty crowded for a Friday… funnily enough, there were a lot of mother-daughter pairs there!

IMG_4725We decided to share our lunches.. Mom got the New England crab roll, served with avocado and an herb aioli. It was delicious… but unfortunately, the roll was large enough that it was difficult to taste the crab, as the bun was overpowering.


The leafy greens… broccoli rabe with garlic and chili… a perfect dose of greens!


And I got the smoked trout plate, which basically looks like a ploughman’s lunch. Served with slices of bread, lots of boiled egg, cornichons and a horseradish cream… it was delicious. I actually found that the egg was unnecessary, as the combination of the other four ingredients was really nice… so ate them separately… and felt like I had a bit too much protein… but overall, it was simple and fresh.


The lunch menu was pretty simple, with lots of sandwiches and salads… next time, I would probably come back for dinner, to try out some of the main courses… but it was a perfect place for a cosy, low-key Friday lunch.


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