Avenue, St James

A  Friday lunch with Alice before heading out of town… we were looking for something local but good… and ended up at Avenue on St James’ Street.

Quickly perusing the menu, I found the stonebass pretty quickly. Lately, I’ve been seeing stonebass crop up more and more on menus, and I’m thrilled, as every time I’ve had it, it’s always been delicious. I’m not sure if this is just good cooking in general, or just a particular type of fish that I love, but either way, anytime it’s on the menu, there’s a good chance that I’ll order it!

So… that’s what I got. Served with celeriac, young leeks, and morel mushrooms… I was in heaven. And the fish… so good. Is it possible for fish to be glutinousy? That’s almost what it tastes like, perfectly cooked but not flaky yet. Mmm. This was a nice version, with two of my favourites (the leeks and morels). I was in heaven.


Alice had been to Avenue a few times lately, and having vouched for the stonebass, decided that she wasn’t up for having again so quickly… and ordered the tempura cod, with an apple and chicory salad, and a tomato relish.



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