El Magatzem de la Bodegueta, Barcelona

After our late afternoon (7pm tickets, don’t you love Spain!) visit to the Sagrada Familia, we had a bit more time before needing to head to the airport. So we went back to a recent favourite for a second meal.

The Friday night, when we got into Barcelona and finally got to dinner, it was almost midnight, and they were only serving their cold tapas, none of the warm ones anymore, as the kitchen was closed. And looking at the menu, it was such a tease, as all of the hot tapas looked amazing… so back we came on Sunday night!

We started with some croquettas – they were good, but at this point, we had had quite a few versions, and these weren’t the best we’d had…


Some pan de coca (or, pan con tomate, as they call it in Spanish)… perfect, lightly grilled with garlic, olive oil and tomato… and my favourite, padron peppers, which were slightly over-salted, but great otherwise – nice big ones, perfectly blistered.


And then, the dishes we had been dreaming about since Friday night… the grilled solomio topped with sauteed onions and foie gras (oh wow. great meat, grilled to perfection, topped with large chunks of foie gras… also tenderly cooked… and the grilled onion. wow.)


And then, finally, as we were an an amazing ingredients kick… the fresh porcini mushroom tarte (on a nice, flaky crust), also topped with foie gras and tiny shoe string potatoes…

The porcini were incredible, and it reminded me that it had been ages since I had had fresh ones… fantastic. With the tenderly grilled foie gras on top, I was in heaven…


So was it worth going back again? Definitely? Did we start feeling super nauseous at the end, with all the meat, bechamel, and foie gras? Also a definite yes. But what a delicious place, with a huge menu that we hardly made a dent in… definitely one to go back to!


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