Hotel Majestic rooftop, Barcelona

The second day, the weather was even more beautiful… we walked over to the Sagrada Familia and realized that we should have booked tickets… it was a two hour wait to get in! So we made a (very smart) decision to head back to the hotel and hang out at the pool for the afternoon… with the views of the city around us. It was so warm… so we spent some good time snoozing in the sun!

When it came time for lunch, the obvious choice was to eat from the cafe menu – we ordered two sandwiches to share… and tons of fries.

The first was the grilled sollomio, served with roasted red peppers, arugula, and a tangy onion relish. Delicious. The solomio was thick and not too cooked (still pink in the middle), and super juicy. All served on crunchy bread, with the slightly bitter arugula… perfect.


There you go, check that out…


Then, the club sandwich. Ok, the below is not what I was expecting… basically, a sliced roll/wrap with ingredients from a club sandwich (lettuce, tomato, bacon, chicken) with fried duck eggs on top of each piece. Hard to eat (the bits kept falling out of the roll) but very creative, high points for that!


Then, back to la Sagrada Famillia… I hadn’t visited the church since 2002, when I was there with my grandparents and mother… and my, they’ve done some work on it in the past few years! Between the amazing facades outside…


And the incredible light from the stained glass windows on the inside… on this side of the church, you got a smoky, hazy feeling from the late afternoon light…


And brilliant, clear colours on this side… what a gorgeous interior, I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen such vivid colours!



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