Agua, Barcelona

A weekend trip to Barcelona, leaving a cold, rainy London for 25 degree weather, sun, and the winding streets of the city!

We spent the first day meandering around, visiting one of Gaudi’s houses and the cathedral… finally making our way down to the beach and realizing, around 5pm, that it might be time for lunch!

The beachfront has a number of restaurants lined along it, so it was up to us to take our pick… One had Asian food, pass. (Just because we are in Spain!) Then next, Pacha, with music thumping… pass.

But Agua had a DJ playing music not too loud, some tables in the sun, and what looked like very good food… perfect.

We went for the seafood, as we were by the sea… the octopus tentacle, candied potatoes and tomatoes, with peppers, chili and onion sauce. This was the dish. It was delicious. The octopus tentacle was one of the most tender, juicy ones I’ve had… it was thick and “meaty,” and perfectly cooked… the olive oil and tomato/onion concoction It was an effort to share instead of eating the whole thing myself 🙂


We also had the stuffed squid, filled with asparagus and onion… served with a much-needed side salad. That’s the thing when I visit Spain, I feel like I never get enough greens, instead eating lots of meat and cheese! The squid was good, but not as special as the octopus… but we still gobbled it down.


A bit more time in the sun, enjoying watching the people strolling down the boardwalk… then back to the hotel for a cocktail on the rooftop!



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