Sumosan, Mayfair

A catch up with my friend (and ex colleague) Rebecca… we headed back to Sumosan, where we used to go all the time pre-2008.. And reminisced. About the days we used to go for drinks at Nobu all the time… ah, the bubble.

Nine years later, we work near each other but don’t get to catch up as much as we want (though she is my UK travel buddy, whether we’re in the Cotswolds or Aldeburgh), so it was nice to sit down for a while.

As it was cold and rainy, we each started with an udon soup… Udon and enoki mushroom soup, with some tempura on top… a nice, juicy prawn, along with some grated carrot tempura underneath (random, but pretty good). And big enough that I was almost full at the end… but still had some room for our sushi!


And then, the sushi… we had a Sumosan roll (a creamy salmon and avocado roll with tobiko rolled around it) and a tuna and truffle roll (the one with the mayo on top). The Sumosan roll was great, with very generous portions of the super fresh salmon… we ordered a second roll and finished it just as quickly. The truffle and tuna wasn’t as good as the other roll, but still very fresh tuna.. with a dollop of truffle-flavoured sauce on top.


Great to be back, a great reminder that Sumosan is still around in Mayfair and just as good as before!


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