The best night out in Bologna – Drogheria della Rosa, Bologna, Italy

Our second night in Bologna, back from our day trip to Modena, we decided to forego a late nap and go straight into aperiti hour. Right next to the Piazza Magiore, the main square in town, there are a number of salumi shops that will serve you a drink and snack… perfect.

We went to Caffe del Mercato, one of the local salumerias, to start. We got a mixed charcuterie and cheese dish – with Parma ham, salami (delicious), andmortadella (my favourite!), served with a cheese spread (amazing with the hams on bread), a peccorino that was nice and a really nice Italian blue cheese.


Served with a nice little glass of Franciacorta, it was perfect!


After that snack, we went on to the local fishmonger… people were sitting inside and having little snacks, so we headed to the back counter and saw that you could choose from many different “tapas,” several different types of fish tartare (salmon, tuna) a seafood salad, oysters…. so many delicious choices, but there was an obvious one, to us…


The red prawns! Of course. These are the most amazing things… topped with a tiny bit of salt and pepper, and nothing else, these were amazing… sweet and tender.. heaven. After all of the charcuterie we’d just eaten, they also worked well to help lighten the load.. before our dinner!


Dinner was at Drogheria della Rosa, a restaurant that a friend had recommended and that we had walked by the day before… it looked cosy and very good. So in we went!

As soon as we sat down, they served us an antipasti to start off with… guinea fowl, a medley of vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes) and a side of mozarella. I don’ t love the idea of the cheese next to the meat and vegetables, but it worked out really nicely… as long as I ate it separately.

The guinea fowl and vegetables were very tender and well-cooked with good flavours, and the mozarella was really nice and fresh.

IMG_6144 (1)

As we had already had quite a bit of food, we stuck with one course… pasta, of course! I had the fonduta tortellini, cheese-fondue infused tortellini with artichoke. There were only a few tortellini, and they were super rich… check out that creamy goodness…


And the crispy artichoke was really good, I’m glad that there was a good artichoke to tortellini ratio, as it really helped mix up the flavours of the dish.

IMG_6148 (1)Hanna went for the tagliatelle bolognese… I have to say, I’m really not a bolognese sauce fan, but she felt, as we were in Bologna, that this was the time to try it! And made me try as well.

You know what? A really good sauce, not too saucey and perfectly meaty… it helped that they were small, chopped pieces of meat instead of ground… you could really taste the flavour of the meat… and it was really good. Once Hanna got full, I had a few more forkfulls…


Then, it was time to be out on the town! A friend had recommended two outdoor cafes/ bars that were right next to each other and also close to the Piazza Maggiore… L’Inde le Palais and Nu Lounge Bar. Tons of fun, great people watching and a great night out!



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