O Sole Mio, Bologna, Italy

The first day of a four day Easter weekend, we get into Bologna and spend the morning walking around the old university and streets. By the way, I love the architecture in this part of Italy, the different textures used on the buildings…


By the time we got hungry, it was coming up on 2pm… and as it was Good Friday, many places were closed.

We finally found a place that was open, O Sole Mio Pizzeria. So in we went.

Hanna went for the porcinni mushroom pizza, which looked slightly better than it tasted…


And I went for broke. I ordered the gramigna (a pasta I had never heard of) with the cream and sausage…. because why not. This is what I got.


Holy crap. Wow. A pool of cream, and salsicca, that slightly spicy sausage… It was essentially a heart attack in a bowl. And one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten. So heavy, but so creamy and delicious. I finished most of the dish.


And my vegetables on the side, to be healthy. They were ok. A bit soggy and tasted like they had been grilled in a pan also used for something else before… but balanced out the cream pasta somewhat!


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