Seven Sky, Tyrol Hotel, St Anton, Austria

Our last night in St Anton, we wanted a long, leisurely dinner, but as we had an early wake up and had been eating cheese all weekend, wanted something a bit lighter. The same Tyrol Hotel that hosts the Sticky Fingers fondue restaurant also has a sushi restaurant.

… I know what you’re thinking, sushi in the mountains? Me too. But this is some of the freshest sushi I have ever had!


They started off by giving us a small squid ink cone filled with some salmon tartare and tobiko on top. Nice little bite to whet our appetites.

Then, some tuna and butterfish sashimi. This was absolutely delicious, especially the butterfish… firm with so much flavour. We gobbled this down…


And finally, the sushi rolls. We ordered the three best-looking ones, a spicy tuna roll (at the front), a tempura tuna roll (middle), and a salmon avocado (on the end). All very good, we raced to finish these…


So? Very impressed. Sushi in the mountains. Why not. I’ll definitely be back here the next time I come to St Anton, it was some of the best food that I’ve had here! And the restaurant art/ decorations were interesting as well…



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