Galzig Bistrobar, St Anton, Austria

Lunch on a terrace, as the day was beautiful… I remember the last time I was here and was jealous of the pasta dishes at Galzig, as we had our coffees… So I ordered the tagliatelle with porcinis and rocket, which also mentioned some kind of beef, but I read around that…


And wow. So the pasta came topped with tons of cream, parmesan cheese, and fried rocket (it looked flash-fried), along with several pieces of skirt steak (enough for another meal or two). Poor planning. But I guess I had the best of all worlds!

Creamy pasta and cheese with some meaty porcinis, I was happy… but I have to say, the fried rocket was a bit too much, as was the equivalent of two servings of steak… but I was a champ and ate the majority of it! Would I have it again? Probably not, as it’s just so many different flavours and a bit overwhelming, but I would definitely come back and eat another of their pastas the next time.


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