Sticky Fingers, St Anton, Austria

A long weekend in St Anton, Austria, for a girl’s weekend. This is the third year I’ve come to visit Sara, who rents a flat here for the season. We get in late Friday night from London, and get our cheese fix in right away… we order a mix of raclette and fondue (the nice thing is that the whole table doesn’t need to decide, everyone can order stand-alone, which isn’t always the case with fondue restaurants). So Cindy gets raclette, while Sara and I get the fondue.

And then they bring out the spread…


We had a few different types of pickled vegetables, about eight different sauces (tartar sauce with pickles, Mediterranean, herbed, etc), several types of cured meats, a salad, potato salad… at this point, we didn’t even really need the cheese to come!

IMG_4002 IMG_4003But, it did. A huge pot of melted cheese, with a very nice taste (you could slightly taste the kirsch, but not too much)… Cindy’s slices of raclette started coming… and as it was late in the evening, the guy was very nice with us, and kept bringing Sara and I slices of the raclette as well.

My opinion? The raclette was better than the fondue… but they were both delicious, and hit the spot. And the rest of the food spread? Unfortunately, most of it went to waste, as the cheese filled us up… but we tried our best! All washed down with a light Gruner Veltlinger, we were in heaven.


Next time, I would probably order two dishes for three people, as there was way too much food… but in a town where most of the food is Austrian sausages and wiener schnitzel, it was so nice to have melted cheese!


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