Huckleberry, Santa Monica

Sunday morning brunch in LA, and I’m meeting one of my favourite people, Michael, for a catch up. We meet at Huckleberry, which has a huge menu of all sorts of brunch items, along with all sorts of mixed salads and desserts. We salivate and plan all of the desserts we’re going to have, as we stand in line to order.

We order, then a waitress seats us. I end up going for the green eggs and ham… two fried eggs on an English muffin, with Parma ham, pesto, and arugula on top. Simple but delicious… it really hits the spot.


Michael goes for the breakfast burrito… and I steal some of his chips with the green chili salsa. You can’t see him in this photo… he’s gone inside to ask the waitress if there’s a table indoors. See, I really wanted to sit outside, but as LA is slightly chilly at the moment and we’re not even in the sun, we’re both freezing…

So I continue to work on his chips, and he’s valiantly inside getting us a table.


Great place for lunch… I’ll definitely be back.. and hopefully, next time, I’ll also have time to try one of their great desserts!


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