Natural Health Food and Cafe, Palm Springs, California

Friday afternoon, after two days of meetings in Los Angeles, it was time to head to Palm Springs for the weekend. Everyone I spoke to said that if you didn’t leave before 3pm, you would hit traffic… and being that the trip was already supposed to take 2 hours, I didn’t want to drag it out! So I left at 2pm…

And it took 5 hours to get there. Between a rain storm and traffic, it was one of the longest drives ever… At least, when LA was far behind, the view was beautiful, with the mountains in the background…


And then, the next day, it was totally worth it, waking up in the desert. Hot and dry, with flowers everywhere…


Lunch was pretty lowkey, at the Natural Cafe that serves a number of vegetarian and vegan dishes – I opted for the Portabello mushroom burger, which came with corn chips and salsa… and a watermelon juice.


Check out of the thickness of the mushroom burger, the (non)meatiness… it was delicious, especially with cheese melted all over it… And the green lettuce… delicious. It was so fresh and thick… sounds like a funny thing to have loved, but it was almost as good as the rocket in Turkey. Such a good meal!



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