Forrestiere, Megeve, France

The second day of skiing, we took it a bit easier, skiied more slowly, and had a low key lunch in a little cosy hut. The little restaurant was on the side of a slope and had two small rooms, with large sharing tables.

IMG_5725 IMG_5726

After spending two days discussing cheese, raclette and fondue, I was in the mood for some at lunch! Served with a small side salad (and the most generic, delicious French salad dressing), I went for the Croute Savoyarde, essentially just sourdough bread topped with melted raclette cheese.

It doesn’t look like much, does it? But it was delicious. The small bit of alcohol from the cheese soaked into the bread, and the cheese remained gooey as I slowly made my way through the dish.

I was a bit sad not to have any meat (cured meat or any) in my dish, but Nic Nac had been given additional charcuterie with her meal (which already came with charcuterie in the dish itself!) so I mooched off of her. This really hit the spot.


Then, a final ski run down the mountain before the end of the day…



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