Le Tremplin, Saint Gervais, France

A weekend of skiing with friends in Megeve… after a first morning on the slopes, we stopped by a new restaurant that had opened that year… and happened to be run by Alice’s friend, Jean-Philippe, an ex-ski instructor that had renovated an old barn on the mountain and created this restaurant…

Modern decoration in the old barn structure, it’s a cosy but sleek restaurant. We checked out the menu and of course started with some charcuterie… this plate was also served with some reblechon cheese… along with the saucisson, viande seche and the Parma ham… we gobbled this down pretty quickly.


Then, unable to decide, Alice and I shared two dishes… the lamb cutlets, served with a leek medley and a puree… The lamb was good, but it was really the puree that did it for me, super creamy and rich, as most French mashed potatoes are… that’s really all I needed!

But we had also ordered the special of the day, the beef cheeks, which were served with roasted cauliflower and some beans. The cheeks were very tender and had an earthy taste to them, and the cauliflower was cooked through…

But those beans, wow. Now, I am one of the biggest hater of English baked beans, I find the sauce too tangy and sweet at the same time and really just don’t get it. These beans looked like baked beans, but of course, we are in France!

In a savory tomato sauce, with bits of lardon mixed in, these were incredible. I can’t believe I preferred these to the meat, but I gobbled them down, hardly sharing with Alice…


This is Jean-Phi, behind the bar at his restaurant… He gave us each a shot of genepi, and sent us on our way, down the mountain…

IMG_5715 IMG_5716


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