Pubbelly, South Beach, Miami

Back through Miami on my way home to London, I caught up with my friend Kristin who was also in town for work. Pubbelly had been on my list for a while… and it seemed perfect for a Tuesday night.

So, first of all, how have I never been here before? The entire menu sounds delicious, there literally isn’t a pasta on the menu that I wouldn’t order… which is really saying something. So again, how have I never been here? I got excited, drinking a glass of red wine and checking out the menu as I waited for Kristin to show up.

The restaurant is full of sharing dishes.. they recommend 2-3 per person, so we started with four and waited to see how it went.

We started with the short rib gyoza, truffle, grana padano cheese and sweet corn soy sauce. These were delicious, perfectly pan-fried, with an amazing braised short rib inside (so tender it almost tasted pureed… in a good way), and the most creamy corn puree… It was a great dish, but very rich, so having two gyoza each was perfect.



Then, the octopus. You’ve read my feelings about octopus lately… but this one was different. It was a much larger tentacle, and for once, wasn’t charred (I’m getting very bored with charred octopus). But it was served with a romanesco sauce with nduja (giving a meaty taste, mmm) and some almonds on top, served over potatoes… this was as good an octopus dish as I’d had in ages!


Then, this dish… I was impressed. It was the scallops, served a la escargot. Kristin and I thought that this might mean a dish with scallops and snails… it sounded a bit odd but intriguing. But when it came, no snails. The scallops were served “snail” style. Topped with tons of garlic, butter and shiso, these tasted exactly like snails would, slathered with the same ingredients… but more tender and juicy. Genius.


And finally, our pasta dish. The stone crab pasta sounded pretty temping, but since we’d just been to Joe’s two months ago, we decided to go for a more inventive dish… so we ordered the tagliatelle, served with venison cheeks, trumpet mushrooms, a walnut pesto, parmesan, and a marascino jus. Wow.

So basically, this all came together into a meaty, creamy mess… it was amazing. And the marascino jus? I really don’t like marascino cherries, but a tiny bit of this added to the dish gave it a great, sweet quality, which cut nicely into the creaminess. I was in heaven…


So, Pubbelly. I will be back. Very soon, I hope, as there are many more dishes that I need to try on this menu!


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