Rosewood Hotel, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

A few days at the beach with my friend Sapna after a crazy week of work in Miami.. the plan was to sit in the sun, sleep, and eat. And we did a pretty good job…

One day, we wandered over to the Rosewood Hotel for lunch on the beach. And got a great view overlooking the water.

We started with a tuna tostada each… check these out.

Pork chicharones (pork scratchings), hunks of fresh tuna, on a bed of guacamole… topped off with dill and pickled radish… we topped these with a little lime juice and jabanero salsa (yes, nice and spicy!)


Then, I had a veggie pizza… mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, Oaxaca cheese, herbs, and avocado. This pizza was… amazing. So good. The mix of mushrooms and the goat cheese was great… mix in the creamy avocado and I was in heaven. And the crust was crispy and light. Heaven. IMG_5581

The view wasn’t so bad either… A tough way to spend a Sunday, but someone’s got to do it!



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