The Kitchen, Boulder, Colorado

In Denver and Boulder for meetings quickly at the beginning of my Miami week… and so lucky to be traveling with someone who brought his SUV to Colorado, given the huge snow storm (and my showing up without tights and in ballerina flats…)

After a meeting in Boulder, we were starving, and the guy in the meeting had told us that we should try out The Kitchen, which was owned by Elon Musk’s brother (we had been discussing Tesla in our meeting)… so we decided to head on over!

The restaurant has a nice ambiance… warm and inviting, with a real focus on farm to table food (you could tell. they even put it on their walls).

IMG_5534 IMG_5535

To start, we got the hummus, which was especially creamy and good… nice sprinkled with a bit of paprika…


Then, I decided for the steak frites. Not having eaten breakfast (and it was 2pm), I was starving… and this really hit the spot. Cooked perfectly, with a tiny bit of searing on the outside, the steak was delicious with the herb butter melting on top…  and the fries were also good, mushy on the inside but perfectly fried (almost slightly hard) on the outside… Yummm…


Jeff made me feel bad by getting the beet salad with salmon on top. Right. Thanks Jeff. But apparently his salad was also very good (he said, as he stole my fries…)


Great place for a quick stopover meal, but I bet that this would also become a favourite of mine if I spent more time in Boulder…


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