Luckee, Soho Metropolitan Hotel, Toronto, Canada

In Toronto overnight, and after a day of meetings and a pilates class, I’m shattered. I decide to take a chance and eat in my hotel… and boy, is it the right decision!

When I travel, I start to miss Asian food after several days, I find myself craving Vietnamese pho or some kind of noodles. So Luckee was the perfect spot to have in the hotel! A trendy Asian dimsum parlour, the restaurant is dark and sultry, with lots of red lacquer.

As one of the restaurant’s specialties is dimsum, I of course had to order some… and it came with three sauces, a typical vinegar with sesame seeds, a green onion and ginger pesto (yum), and a Chinese mustard and chili sauce. I used the mustard and vinegar the most (with tons of soy sauce), but loved the idea of the spring onion pesto…


Mindful that some vegetables would be good, I started with some snow peas and mushroom… yes, those big chunks that look like meat or water chestnuts are actually meaty mushrooms… and delicious. Sauteed with garlic, this was light and a perfect side dish.


Then, the cheung fun came. Usually, this dish is a huge rice noodle wrapped around your meat of choice, be it beef chicken or shrimp. This one was almost the same, but it had been chopped up into pieces and was sitting upright, so you could see inside… and was chock full of much more than just a protein… with crispy onion, spring onion and some rice noodles actually inside… along with the glutinous shrimp… it was delicious, especially drenched in soy sauce.


I also decided to try the Xiao Long Bao, ie, the soup dumplings. These were just ok… first of all, they didn’t have tons of broth in them, which was a bit disappointing… at first I thought that the dumplings had each broken and that the broth had trickled out… but it turns out it was just broth lite… and the edges of the dumpling were all a bit crispy, maybe not steamed enough.. which made it overall… just ok. Not bad, but not great. I guess they’re hard ones to make!


So, would I come back? For sure. There are many more dumplings and types of dimsum that I wanted to try, along with all sorts of noodle dishes and meats… The ambiance was nice, my waitress was very sweet (Aussie who wants to be an actress) and it was a perfect, lowkey night from which I could crawl back up to my hotel room!


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