Chez Lien, Montreal, Canada

A quick lunch around 3pm in Montreal, after six back to back meetings… I was starving, cold, and felt like I was getting sick… so when I walked by a Vietnamese restaurant, I thought, great, I can have some pho soup and feel better instantly!

I ordered the chicken pho… and this is what it looked like. Full of vegetables (carrots, onions, broccoli, mushrooms and courgette), rice noodles, and chicken. But not roasted chicken, like I’m used to in my pho… this was chicken that had already been marinated and cooked… and tasted like chicken that you have at the food court in a shopping mall’s Chinese stand. Good, but you wonder if it’s killing you inside. Hm.

Not the best pho I’ve ever had (but certainly the most lax interpretation of pho!), but it warmed me up and filled me up… job done.


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