Fune Japanese Restaurant, Toronto, Canada

A quick lunch in Toronto before flying on to Montreal… I happened across a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant that had good reviews… I was told a few times that I could order from the menu instead of just the belt, but was for the most part happy with what I ordered!

Everything was served from the sushi boats on the conveyor belt… All the sushi was fresh, but not more expectional than that. What was really good was the rolls, which were fat, stuffed with fish and vegetables instead of rice, and very flavourful.


To start, some hamachi. Very good.


Then, a more buttery fish… not sure what it was. It was… fine. Nothing more.


Then, saba, the mackerel, served with spring onions and grated ginger… it was ok but tasted slightly watery, as if it had been frozen for too long.


A pause for miso soup before moving on to the sushi rolls…


And avocado, cucumber, and eel roll… this was very nice, with a good piece of eel on top, and a really nice crunch with the pieces of cucumber… and a nice creamy effect from the avocado. Yum.


And a tuna avocado roll, which I think was supposed to a spicy tuna roll… but only had a tiny bit of spicy mayo in it. This had huge chunks of very fresh tuna… it was delicious.


So would I come back? Yes, for sure. It was a quick meal, which was what I needed. There were a number of other dishes on the conveyor belt that I wanted to try, but I was too full. Also, many people ordered from the menu instead of taking from the belt, and the (mostly) sashimi that they ordered looked great. So, Fune, I’ll be back.


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