Air Canada LHR to YYZ Lunch

A few days of work in Canada… in the middle of January. I’m armed with a huge coat, ear muffs, and boots, just in case…

This was my first time on Air Canada – so I was excited to see what it was like! We had an 9am flight, so they served a light breakfast, followed by lunch just before we landed. I watched a few movies (nothing worth mentioning), then dove into lunch…

We started with a smoked salmon and smoked trout dish, served with quinoa, nuts and goat cheese. Deliciously-smoked fish and a nice amount of quinoa on the side. The side salad with Parmesan was… fine.


Then, I had the red curry chicken, served with mushrooms, bok choy and carrots as a main course. The vegetables were cooked in a cornstarch-type sauce that you get in lots of Asian restaurants – that clear, gloopy sauce… Now, I didn’t say that it didn’t taste good, to the contrary.. it was just a bit… gloopy. The chicken curry, however, was delicious, with good chunks of chicken and a nice, punchy sauce… it was borderline too spicy for me, which I loved.


And finally, some cheese for dessert. It was nice to have a change from British Airways’ brie, cheddar and Stilton… but wasn’t especially exciting otherwise.


Overall? Fine. The smoked fish and the chicken curry were delicious… the rest was, well, airplane food. On to Toronto!


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