The Mall Tavern, Notting Hill

A chilly Sunday and my friend Don is in town visiting… ended up being a group of friends meeting at the Mall Tavern for a Sunday roast.

I had been to the Mall Tavern a few times, just when I moved to London and was living in Notting Hill, and the food was always very good. Above and beyond for a gastro pub. And now, it had been almost eight years since I’d been back.

Starving and arriving before the others, I ordered a Scotch egg the moment I got there. It had a thick layer of sausage and was still gooey in the middle… delicious.

Then, the roasts – they served your classic half chicken (look at mine below, doesn’t that look like an entire bird?!), roast beef, or roast pork with scratchings. I obviously went for the chicken – sadly it had no stuffing inside, but given the size of the chicken itself, and that you got half an entire bird… I really didn’t need any additional food.

Nice cabbage and brussel sprouts, and carrots. The Yorkshire pudding was a bit overbaked (I like it a bit doughy in the middle) and the potatoes were just fine… but again, given how much chicken there was (which was really nicely roasted, not overdone and chewy), it didn’t matter.


Then, we discovered the outdoor terrace. And spent the next five hours there, chattering away… What a good way to whittle a cold, dark Sunday afternoon away!


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