Pei Wei Asian Diner, Fort Lauderdale Airport

Traveling back from the Bahamas, with a layover in Fort Lauderdale… I was thinking of leaving the airport to get some Cuban food or seafood, but alas, my layover was just marginally too short… so I scrounged around the airport. After 10 days away, I was starting to miss my usual dose of Asian food, so when I passed by Pei Wei Asian Diner, I thought it could be a good lunch option.

I decided to go for the “lighter” things on the menu, so had the chicken lettuce wraps and the prawn dumpling wonton soup.

The lettuce wraps were pretty good… at first look, the chicken looks like overcooked pebbles that are overseasoned, but actually, it was delicious. It was mixed in with bits of black mushroom that gave the mixture a nice crunch, and gave it a multi-flavoured taste, even wrapped up in the lettuce. Yum.


There were a bunch of crunch noodles at the bottom of the mixture – I didn’t bother adding these in, or using the sauce, as the mixture was seasoned enough as it was!


The wonton soup was also good… nothing really to say about it, decent flavour, good dumplings.


And then.. my fortune cookie. I think that a fortune cookie right after new years must be correct, right??


.. works for me!



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