Brumus Bar and Restaurant, Mayfair

A weekday in December after one of many Christmas parties… poor Caroline and Alice are feeling a bit peaky and tired. Time for a lunch out with a little grease!

We headed to Brumus, which is in the Haymarket Hotel, a few blocks from our offices, and sat at the bar instead of in the formal restaurant. We opted for the various small dishes that they have on the menu – you get a set of 5 for £25.

So we got a boatload of options…

We started off with the mushroom flatbread, which was crisp and perfectly grilled, topped with arugula, some truffle oil, and a delicious mushroom paste. A little carbs… we were going in the right direction!

Then, the lamb burgers. We got one of these for each of us. A slow-baked lamb burger with tahini yogurt and sumac… these were very tender and tasty… and again, the big fluffy bun didn’t hurt 🙂


Then, the fried chicken, which is at the bottom of the below picture… it looks pretty grim, doesn’t it? But I thought it was the most delicious of all the dishes… Called red hot crispy chicken, it was tender pieces of thigh and breast meat, lightly fried, tossed with green onions, garlic and topped with a chili sauce… Unfortunately, the chili sauce made the fried chicken soggy, so it wasn’t a great addition (maybe slices of chili would have been better) but overall… great dish!


Finally, the fish gougons. Nicely fried, with some tartar sauce on the side… exactly what we were looking for.

Lovely hangover lunch, getting us ready for the next evening of fun…


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