Blacksalt, Washington, DC

In town for Christmas, my mother had been wanting to take me to her favourite seafood restaurant… so we used a late birthday lunch as an excuse. And I must say, though she had raved about the restaurant quite a bit, it still exceeded expectations!

The restaurant’s front acts like a fish market, with many different varies of fresh fish and seafood… and pantry staples that you might want to use while cooking said seafood (anything from posh mayonnaise to Old Bay seasoning!)

Sitting in the booths in the middle of the restaurant, we started off with some bread as we were absolutely starving. Mom dug into the baguette, while I sampled the corn bread… delicious.


Then, we decided to share two starters, so that we could have the best of both worlds… we shared the market salad, which was full of many different vegetables, anything from cauliflower and carrots to a mix of greens… and some of the most delicious beets I’d ever eaten! All served in a smoky dressing. How great that something so simple was so good!


Then, the grilled sardines. Amazing. They were served on toast with aioli, then topped with a lemony, herby (mostly parsley), olive relish on top. Wow. These were seriously delicious.


Then, we both chose the same main course… the seafood stew! With prawns, mussels, calamari, and fish in a fishy tomato broth, we felt VERY healthy with all of the spinach (ha) in the stew… and both chomped down on the toasted bread with roux, after dunking it in the broth.

The seafood was really good, none of it was overcooked and it had a slight kick to it due to the red pepper flakes added. The portion was quite generous (especially the fish… I had to leave about half of it in the fish, as it was quite filling… IMG_4869

And then, we decided not to have dessert, as we were stuffed…

But the waitress was having none of that. It was my birthday, she insisted… so brought us out a nicely decorated plate with a few berries and small brownie bites for each of us. And of course, a birthday candle… Perfect!



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