Blade, Fontainbleau Hotel, Miami Beach

Sunday in Miami, the weather was a bit better… at least it wasn’t raining! So, we decided to go for a run on the beach. And ran into tons of these little blue guys…


Then, for a quick lunch before heading to the airport… we decided to grab some sushi, but as our hotel had the Nobu that I’d been to a few days ago, we went over to the Fontainbleau Hotel next door to try their sushi restaurant, Blade.

I got two rolls… an eel roll and the special Bleau roll.

The Bleau roll was pretty good, a mix of tuna, yellowtail, and salmon, with avocado, scallion, daikon and small fish eggs, with a soy onion dressing. When it arrived, I thought that there might be too much of the dressing on the sushi roll… but it turns out that actually, the soy-marinated bits of onion had a very nice, tangy taste. Very good.


And then, the freshwater eel roll. Fresh eel with shiitake mushrooms, avocado, and scallion, with a creamy spicy sauce dolloped on top. The eel was very good, tasty and well-seasoned, nice and creamy with the addition of the avocado, and a nice crunch from the sesame seeds on the rice. The sauce was… not necessary. Fine, but just gave it a bit too much extra. Sort of like at Empire a few days before. But otherwise the roll was delicious.


A nice, peusdo-light lunch, then, with some more time to kill, we hit up the pool… and the weather was finally starting to get better!



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