Joe’s Stone Crab, South Beach, Miami

Our Saturday in Miami, the weather was about the same….

As the weather was grey and rainy, and as Kristin had never spent time on South Beach before (!), we took it easy. We walked along Lincoln Ave checking out the shops, appreciated all the local Art Deco buildings, and made our way towards First Street for lunch… Hopefully giving Kristin a good idea of the lower part of Miami Beach!

Joe’s Stone Crab is an institution in South Beach and has been around for decades… It’s a huge restaurant that doesn’t take reservations (but does have take out… And shipping!) but seats a few hundred people. The place is wood panelled and the waiters are dressed to the nines, but the restaurant still has a relaxed feeling to it.

We arrived and looked at the huge menu… But finally decided we needed some of those stone crabs! So we ordered two batches, one of the large and one of the extra larges (like shrimp, they come by count, 5 in the EL and 6 in the L, depending on their size).

And got some of the sweet potato fries on the side, which are dusted with a nice combination of salt and cinnamon. They tasted best dunked in some of the creamy mustard sauce that comes with the crabs…

And the crabs… So good. The big claws were delicious, and pre-cracked, they were very easy to get all the meat out of quickly. It also helped that they gave us bibs to help with the messy-ness.

Then, tired from all of our walking and hard work with the crabs (ha), it was back to the hotel for a little nap as the ocean waves lulled us to sleep…

And then, it was time for some art!



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