Nobu Eden Rock, South Beach, Miami

So, apparently, there are now two Nobu restaurants on South Beach. Does that sound a bit excessive to anyone else?

After a long morning of meetings, I headed to my hotel for the weekend, the Eden Rock… and saw that they had a Nobu restaurant (and nothing else)… time for lunch!

So I treated myself. I started with their Nobu caesar salad, which has butter lettuce, wasabi truffle slices (very generous ones!), crisp mochi (which basically tastes like posh tater tots) and pecans. In a creamy caesar sauce. Very decadent, but so good.


Then, the crispy rice with the spicy tuna. I’ve had a few iterations of this dish lately,  in Brooklyn and Boston too, but my favourite is still the spicy tuna pizza at Kurobuta in London!

This version was fun, though, as it was interactive… And the quality of the tuna was great! Small, crispy rice squares sit on skewers, ready to be slathered with spicy tuna paste and then dunked in soy sauce…

Delicious. I didn’t really think that they needed the soy sauce, as the rice and tuna combo was already very good… I tried to eat this slowly but gobbled it up pretty quickly!

And then, finally, the mini tacos – I chose three different ones from the selection of six that they had – the uni, the tuna and the Alaskan king crab.

The best was probably the tuna, big fresh chunks of tuna with jalapeño salsa… And a dollop of guacamole on top. Simple but tasty.

The King crab was also good, served with a yuzu dollop on top, but there was nothing notable about it…

And the uni. Drizzle with some soy salt, which let the briny taste out, this was also delicious… But didn’t taste great in the taco shell.

A great long lunch to reward myself for the hard week… And the best part? I was sitting outside. The weather was in the 80’s, so even though it was cloudy after the downpour we’d received that morning (check out the flooding)

I was just happy for some warm weather!


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