Bread & Chocolate, Washington, DC

In DC for Thanksgiving with my family, we went to go see Bridge of Spies at the movies one afternoon (go see it, I really enjoyed it!)

Nearby is a French cafe that my mother loves, so she took us out for brunch beforehand. As I had already had breakfast earlier on (I’m currently in a toast and sardine phase, don’t ask…), I went for a soup. I had been craving French onion soup for a while, so ordered that.

This bowl was great… I don’t usually love French onion soups, as the bread to broth ratio (too much to too little) bugs me. But this one was great, with a small bit of bread and tons of broth, chock full of slices onions. And the cheese… dreamy. And tons of it. It really hit the spot.


The others, not having had a meal yet, so they all went for various versions of the croissant sandwich, served with cheese, eggs and a choice of sausage, Canadian bacon, or bacon. Everyone chose a different meat. And the salad on the side was perfectly dressed with a balsamic vinaigrette.



The best part? It was so warm in DC that weekend… so most people were sitting outside. We chose not to, but what a luxury to have lunch outside on a November 28th!IMG_4435


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