Ostuni, Queens Park, London

A brisk Sunday afternoon, my friend Anna invited us up to her favourite restaurant in her hood to celebrate her birthday! I read up on Ostuni beforehand, and it got some good reviews, so I was excited to try it out.

Anna’s mom was visiting from Sydney, and joined us, so we ended up being a group of eight. Which means we got to try out much more of the food 🙂

We started with the group antipasti, ordering five for the eight of us… from the top… a charcuterie dish, with salami and some other delicious hams and sausages, bruschetta with cherry tomatoes, served with bocconcini, deep fried mozarella balls (yum), a plate of pickled vegetables, fried whitebait, meatballs… and for a little green, a salad of shaved white asparagus, peccorino, pomegranate seeds, celeriac, black radish and truffle oil. The whitebait, salami, and salad were the best.

Then, the main dishes. We shared… the roasted baby chicken (very tender and nicely roasted, but exceptionally difficult to divide up and share!)… the linguine vongole (delicious, very briny and with tons of garlic and very generous with the mussels… I loved this dish).



And the last pasta, whihc was my favourite… another seafood pasta, with squid, prawns and mussels, in a seafood sauce with paccheri. I love paccheri. Especially when it’s perfectly cooked, slightly gummy or crunchy. It was delicious with the sauce and seafood.

Some roasted veggies topped with Parmesan…

And in the back, the chili and garlic king prawns, topped with rocket. Also hard to divide up, but in a divine, spicy sauce.


And finally… the birthday tiramisu. Which came out about four hours after we first started the meal. People stopped by to say hi, we chattered away, and ended the afternoon around 6pm… just in time for dinner! Happy Birthday, Anna!



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