Zama, Philadelphia

A day of work in Philadelphia… I had time and no plans for lunch, so walked around near Rittenhouse Square looking for something that looked ok.

I found Zama, which outside looked like any mildly-trendy Pan-Asian restaurant, but checking out the menu, saw that it was more of a traditional Japanese restaurant, and decided to try it out.

I went for the bento box, but also ordered a few extra pieces of sushi on the side… the bento box came with an udon noodle soup, salad, tempura, edamame, a tuna avocado roll, and four pieces of sushi. You have the option of upgrading your sushi, which I did for a few dollars… and wow, was it worth it!

Here’s the bento box… it was pretty large (and I didn’t finish all of it – once I tasted the sushi, I ate that first!)

Of the sushi, from left to right… the otoro (the best – buttery and soft, it melted in my mouth), the king yellowtail (also buttery, but firmer), the salmon belly (very very buttery, are we seeing a theme here?) and the young yellowtail (a delicious, final piece). Every piece was amazing. Not only very fresh, but with amazing textures… I was in heaven.

Then, the other two pieces… also very fresh, but compared to those buttery pieces of fish, they just didn’t compare… The ikura and eel.


I can’t recommend the sushi at this restaurant, it’s some of the best I’ve had in a long time. I felt like I’d discovered an under-covered new, amazing place! … then talked to my friend Adam who knows the restaurants in Philly well… who told me that the secret has been out for a while 🙂 Either way, run run run there for sushi the next time you’re in Philadelphia!


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