Salt Lick, San Antonio, TX

My last stop before heading back to NY that week was San Antonio, where I had one meeting then spent the night. Many of the hotels in San Antonio claim to be haunted… and in the run-up to Halloween, mine had gone all out with the decorations!! This guy welcomed me at the front desk checking in!


But even the hotel itself was creepy… doesn’t this hallway freak you out?

There’s something very “The Shining” about it…

So I hightailed it out of the hotel and into the center of San Antonio, to the Riverwalk. The Riverwalk is a canal system in the middle of town that reminds me of an American southern Venice, the canals surrounded by tall trees with Spanish moss dripping down and shading the canals. Very charming. But, with all of the boat rides and restaurants lining the walks of the canal… it also felt a bit like DisneyLand!

There are restaurants of every kind along the canal… I walked by each one probably three times before making my decision… finally settling on a steak restaurant, as I was in Texas after all!

I started with a Caesar salad… that’s my margarita on the side (very sweet!)… was good to have some greens.

IMG_3633And then, the ribeye. Huge, and smothered with butter (which was not how it was advertised, but tasted pretty good!) The steak was tasty, a perfect amount of fat in the meat to give it flavour. And some macaroni and cheese on the side…

Okay. I probably ate about half of it. It was way too much. But simple, perfectly cooked to a medium rare, and very good.


Then, a walk back along the canal and home to my creepy hotel!



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