Lupe Tortilla, Austin, TX

After Dallas, I made my way on to Austin. I was going to meet an investor for lunch, and right away, he chose Lupe Tortilla to meet up.


Lupe is a chilled out Tex-Mex restaurant with some of the best chips and dips… a light and spicy salsa, alongside some delicious bean dip. And hot, fresh-baked tortilla chips.


I ended up ordering the shrimp and poblano enchiladas, topped with a pepper cream sauce, and served with refried beans and rice – yummm – but my  lunch mate told me that Lupe is best known for its fajitas, which come in all sorts of proteins and sizes. That said, he didn’t have the fajitas either… but we both left stuffed and happy.


… and… this is the wild turkey that I came across when I was leaving my last meeting that day. The guy I met with was also leaving, drove his car up to me and asked if everything was ok… and what on earth was I taking a picture of?

I explained that we don’t have wild turkeys wandering around the London streets…


And finally, this was part of my dinner. I went to a Japanese restaurant called Uchi, which serves all sorts of sushi and Japanese street food. Everyone I told that I was heading to Austin told me I had to try this place out – I didn’t have a reservation, but headed over there and was lucky enough to snag a seat at the bar. And my, was the food good. The sushi itself was fine, but not incredible, but all of the other dishes were quite impressive… I was hooked! I would definitely come back again, as I wanted to try everything on the menu and was very full very quickly!


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