The Bird in Hand, Brook Green, London

The day after the dinner… and hurting a bit from all the red wine, I went over to my friend Shannon’s place… her daughter just turned two, and I still hadn’t met her… pretty embarrassing! So I went over there late morning to meet Merrill… who was just in the middle of her third meltdown of the day. Awesome.

But then she chilled out, we all sat around and gossiped (including Shannon’s husband, who was up to speed on everything!) and fed Merrill… Then it was time for daddy and daughter to nap, and mom and Caroline to go for lunch!

Turns out Shannon had a pretty late night too, so all we wanted was comfort food… which this time came in the form of pizza.

The Bird in Hand is a local gastro pub with a delicious-looking and quite extensive menu (they have little plates, pizzas, and all sorts of mains) – it was pretty quiet when we were there, but started to fill up as we left.

We each got huge pizzas, Shannon got the chorizo, red onion and peppers pizza, while I got the nudja sausage, red peppers and gorgonzola pizza. There wasn’t tons of gorgonzola… I was hoping for a bit more (mine’s the one lower in the picture)… but the sausage and peppers were delicious… and it was just greasy enough to hit the spot. Perfect.


A perfect Sunday afternoon meal and catch-up before the holidays (yes, they’re coming soon, get ready for time to fly by!)


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