Chutney Mary, St James

Back to town and had to of course catch up with Alice! Since we’d been gone, Chutney Mary, a well-known Indian restaurant that was previously located on the King’s Road in Chelsea, opened up in St James, just down the street from us. So off we went to try it.

They had a business lunch, alongside the very comprehensive regular menu, and as it noted that they could serve that quite quickly, we went for it…

I started off with the seabass tikka, which was marinated in spices and yogurt, before being cooked in the tandoor oven. It was incredible. The yogurt gave the fish a creamy base, and the spices gave it such a deep but subtle flavour… again, amazing. The fish was also perfectly cooked, just slightly undercooked actually, which, given the marinade, went very well. What a good start!


Alice had the salad to start, which came with avocado, spiced potatoes (yum), and greens. She also liked hers, but it was no comparison to my fish!


Then, we both had the lamb for a main course, a lamb shank (look at that yogurt marinade and spices… it was delicious) alongside a lamb kebab of boneless tikka lamb, with black pepper, fresh mint, and kashmini chutney. Also very good, served with rice or naan and a side of vegetables… we were stuffed.


Would I come back? Absolutely. Why have I not been here more since it’s opened? I’m not sure. Because it was truly a great meal. Next time I’ll come for dinner and try out some of the other dishes, but I fear that the fish tikka will be on permanent order!


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