Restaurante La Scala, Trastevere, Rome

After an afternoon of wandering the streets (by the way, thank you, Danielle, for the suggestion of checking out VintaChic, a vintage shop right next to our hotel… I walked out with two “new” dresses!), popping in and out of shops and an Aperol spritz in Piazza del Popolo, we met up in Trastevere for more aperitivos and then for the birthday dinner itself!

Winding through the small streets, we realized how packed it was on Saturday nights… and found a mojito bar for later… headed to the restaurant.

We all started with an appetizer plate with ham, mozarella, and bruschetta. My ham and cheese went straight onto my bread… great combo with a little more olive oil.


Then… more truffles for me, over more tagliatelle. When the dish first came, there was pasta on about half the plate… I worried that I was going to starve… 🙂 But there was more than enough to fill me up! They didn’t give us tons of truffle, so it was mostly just the pasta, but still satisfied.


And finally, for dessert… some cake for the birthday girl! (And yes, since you asked, great cake. Layers of cream between millefeuille layers. Yum). Happy birthday, ma Sara!



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