Argos, Ayvalik, Turkey

Our first night in Ayvalik, we got in a bit later than expected… a good four hours later. Tired and frustrated, we dropped our bags and wanted an instant gratification meal… the restaurant we had booked was about to stop serving, so we needed a new location. And we found one a few doors down from their house!

Argos is right nextdoor to the music academy in Ayvalik, and was opened about six months ago when the owner was having issues with his original restaurant’s location. The restaurant has several tables inside, and a small terrace that holds maybe 6 tables outside, overlooking the bay.

We started with a few mezze that I forgot to photograph (a fava bean puree, cut into blocks, and served with dill…. delicious, a mixed cheese mash that had one particular, strong cheese that ruined it for me, and an aubergine dip), then had a seabass as a main course. This seabass… was so moist. Perfectly cooked. Not having known what to expect, we were in awe and in heaven.


And the salad next to it? Rocket, large stalks of parsley and dill, tomatoes, cucumbers, and very ripe figs… all topped with small slices for new/raw almond. In a delicious dressing… it tasted to me like a red wine vinegar and pommegranate molasses (or maybe even fig juice of some kind?) with the olive oil. Divine.


We were so happy with our choice that the next morning, not having any food in the house, we went back for breakfast!


A nice Turkish breakfast of cheeses, walnuts, jams, honey, tomatoes, cucumbers and olives. And see that bread on the top right that looks little rolls? These were flaky. Croissant flaky. Amazing with some cheese, honey and walnuts. Bonne journee!



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