Mangerie, Istanbul

The last week in August, and I’m back in Turkey with friends. We had a quick, one-day stop-over in Istanbul… Ali had meetings, so Michelle and I decided to spend the day having a long lunch at Mangerie in Bebek, overlooking the Bosphoros.


We ended up both ordering a very simple salmon steak with a rocket and tomato salad underneath… served with Mangerie’s special cornbread (which was nothing to write home about!) The salad itself, though… I had forgotten how delicious such fresh ingredients can be… the tomatoes were super sweet, and the rocket, crunchy and not too peppery. With a very fresh piece of salmon. Delicious.


Then, Ali came to pick us up around 5pm after his meetings… here he is trying to flag down the waitress, any waitress…

(ps. that evening, we went to the new Soho House for drinks on the roof deck and dinner at Cecconi’s – great cocktails on the roof, though I would say that there are better rooftops in Pera (such as George or Mikla) but Cecconi’s was spot on and delicious… much better than the ones in London or Miami – all in a beautiful, old building that used to be the American Embassy in Istanbul…. very well done!)


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