Carluccio’s, Fulham Road

A quick pop into Carluccio’s for lunch to sop up my hangover after a late client event the night before…

Some olives to snack on as I waited for my main course… A bit too vinegary for me, but they kept me busy.


I knew I wanted pasta, but didn’t feel like having the same, signature dishes that I’ve always had there. Lucky for me, they have a new pasta dish on the menu, an egg papardelle with chicken (it stated pieces of dark chicken thigh, but it frankly tasted like chicken breast to me!), shitake, oyster, and button mushrooms, creme fraiche, garlic, and white wine, topped with toasted pine nuts. Now, I’ve always felt a bit weird about pasta or risotto with chicken, I’m not sure why (especially as so many dishes use chicken broth!), but I just do. So I wasn’t really starting in the right mindset.

So, as I mentioned, the chicken didn’t taste right and was a bit overcooked. The pine nuts? They were either old or overcooked as well, tasting slightly burnt. The rest of the dish was good, especially the mushrooms and creme fraiche, but the dish overall was… underwhelming. I would not order it again… But it did serve as a perfect temporary hangover remedy!



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