Chateau de Montbazillac, Dordogne

My last day in Dordogne, we went to a local market, then decided to visit the vineyard at the Chateau de Montbazillac. For those of you who haven’t tried Montbazillac wine, it tastes sweet, like a Sauterne or Jurancon, but with a bitter taste at the end. I prefer Jurancon!

The low-key restaurant at the chateau had a prix fixe menu with several options for each course. I started with the duck ham and melon (are we seeing a theme here in Dordogne? Duck, duck, and more duck). Lots of fresh, sweet Charantaise melon with the salty, fatty duck and bitter rocket. Yum.


Then, another entrecote, this time covered in sauteed shallots. Served with herbed potatoes (good but a bit overcooked) and a vegetable tian (of aubergine, tomato, onion and courgette – REALLY good with the roasted aubergine). This was another piece of steak that I just couldn’t finish… though I tried my best!
IMG_2243Finally, to finish, I had a pistachio pannacota with a berry coulis on top. The coulis was amazing, while the pannacota was plastic-y. In the fresh coulis, you could taste the fresh strawberries and notice that it was newly made… and not too sickly sweet. How good. So, I scooped it all up and left the pannacota… then headed off to the airport!



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